Relevant to my last Supernatural post. You always see people on this site joking about how often people die in the show and how often the same people die over and over and over. I honestly thought the fans were playing that up, that these characters couldn’t possibly die THAT much.

….I was so wrong. Oh so very wrong.

I think I gave up counting around season 5 or 6.


this is unbelievably important and no one really realizes it

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One day these boys will finally learn to just be honest with each other and stop all the lying and hiding and scheming and just tell each other the flipping truth, and then one of them will probably die, again.



having separate continents is so stupid im over it reblog if you miss pangaea

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So what? Dean makes friends with a monster and it’s fine but anyone else has a monster friend and something isn’t right? Dean, bro, bit of a hypocrite there.


ADDITIONALLY tomorrow is the day my BRAND NEW COMPUTER finally gets here!!! ….oh man I haven’t even cleared out / moved my old computer oh. Oh man.

I have a lot of work to do tonight.

Then minecraft?! :D

Cas needs a guinea pig!

I want an anime/show/comic/anything where a kid gets into a magic wizard school but is incapable of doing actual magic and only does slight of hand and card tricks which impresses the hell out of the actual magic using students as none of them can figure out how the hell the kid knew what card they had picked without having to cast an over the top spell.



Reblogging this again because of the amount of people legitimately thinking they’re a couple. The tags are hilarious.

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